Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brian Dershowitz Background

This week we have the first guest contributor, Brian Dershowitz. In keeping with the theme, I am posting his background and qualifications as a contributor to a Small Business consulting blog.

Brian Dershowitz is in the unique position of working as a senior content associate for a small conference company through which he interacts with the senior management of Fortune 500 companies. In this capacity, Brian coordinates the editorial and sponsored content of high-end business conferences, in every major metropolitan center, geared towards Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Legal Officers and Chief Human Resources Officers. This experience has allowed him to gain a keen insight in to the inner workings of the largest companies in the country while dealing with the challenges of working for a start-up. Brian holds two Master of Science degrees in Sport Psychology from Purdue University and Sports Management from New York University. Currently residing in New York City, Brian is also the co-founder and Associate Editor of an internationally distributed urban lifestyle and graffiti magazine which also includes a clothing line and sneaker brand.

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